Seminar on Science Communication

From left to right: Max Schnepf (PhD student, King’s Lab), Antonia Meyer (school student, MANOS), Matthias Weise (school teacher, MANOS), Manuela Niethammer (Didactics of Chemistry, TUD), Sierk Schmalzriedt (commonication designer), Tino Kühne (PhD, Didactics/KingsLab), Sigrun Eichhorn (Didactics, TUD) and Tobias König (RGL King’s Lab)

The research group of Manuela Niethammer (Didactics of Chemistry), communication designer Sierk Schmalzriedt (Büro Schmalzriedt) and the members of King’s Lab met for the first seminar to discuss their recent approaches in science communications of Plasmonics