New article in Journal of Chemical Education

In contrast to a macroscopic solid, a golden nanoparticle changes its color and spectroscopic properties when the particle size is changed. Here, we propose a teaching platform for high school and first-year undergraduate students that explains the relationship between the perceived color of such colloidal solutions and their physicochemical properties.

Development of a Teaching Platform about Plasmonics Based on the Color Perception of Colloidal Gold

Olha Aftenieva, Daniel Schletz, Antonia Meyer, Tino Kühne, Sierk Schmalzriedt, Manuela Niethammer, and Tobias A. F. König*

Congratulations to Olha and Daniel (shared first authorship), as well as Antonia (former group member, high school student and now a student in nanotechnology) for their publication in Journal of Chemical Education. These PhD students were scientifically advised by Tobias König as first and second supervisor.